AdbGrab is a Win32 utility for grabbing the frame buffer of an Android device.

It is as of October 3, 2019 a work in progress with more features coming.

Usage: adbgrab [png] /d device name /s scale /o rotate


AdbGrab has two operational modes: command line and interactive.

Command line mode is when you supply a path for a PNG file as output. A screenshot is saved and AdbGrab exits. A single status line is printed to show you the format of the frame buffer.

Interactive mode is when you do not supply a path. A preview window appears and a screenshot is downloaded. For larger Android devices specifying /s.5 (or similar values) will make it fit on the screen. The readout of coordinates is scaled approriately and are shown as for the Android. Clicking the mouse on the Windows machine will click the correct coordinates on the Android. Various navigation keys are supported. The grab refreshes after clicks or keys. F5 also refreshes.

Yes, this is a very slow way to operate your Android, but it works on stock, unrooted devices.

AdbGrab uses the stock ADB server daemon running on the Windows host.

Navigation Keys

Arrow keys, PageUp, PageDown, Tab, Enter, Escape, Home, F5

To Be Done

Download the executable.