CopyClip Utility

The CopyClip utility is an Android executable available in 32 and 64 bit. It enables you to copy text from a shell into the Android clipboard. Of course it may be invoked over adb shell enabling the quick transfer of text snippets from a desktop to an Android device. It can style the text with -b (bold) and/or -i (italic).

CopyClip should be installed as /data/local/tmp/copyclip (regardless of it being 32 or 64 bit). It should be chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/copyclip. This works with Unicode strings.

Examples of CopyClip

# /data/local/tmp/copyclip 'Hello there'

# date | /data/local/tmp/copyclip -b

C:\>adb shell "/data/local/tmp/copyclip 'Hello there'"


The AdbClip utility is a Win32 executable that works with CopyClip. It allows access to the Windows clipboard and the automatic invocation of CopyClip. The adb server must be running on your desktop.

Examples of AdbClip

C:\>adb devices C:\>adbclip

Download copyclip32, copyclip64 – the CopyClip utiliy.

Download adbclip.exe – the ADBClip utiliy.