Other Level Sections

headerstring that marks the start of the iterated section
dividerstring that separate the iterated section into two parts
footerstring that marks the end of the iterated section
symbolspecifies a symbol for this level to iterate on
requiredspecifies non-null value required for processing inner levels
indirectspecifies that the symbol contains the name of the symbol to use

The section to be iterated is bounded by the header string and the footer string. The section will be processed as many times as required for this level. Sometime it will be necessary to generate some text between each iteration, but not after the last one. The optional divider string divides the iterated section into two parts. The first part bounded by the header string and the divider string will be generated for each iteration. The second part bounded by the divider string and the footer string will be generate between each iteration.

Symbol specifies which symbol this level will be grouped by. The lowest level will usually have no symbol specified. The "required" option specifies that if the specified symbol is NULL then the entire section including lower levels should be skipped.