Headers & Footers

Headers and footers are the text markers that divide the template into sections. While they could be any unique pattern it is more convenient if they are chosen to be interpreted in the context of the file type as some sort of comment.

For example, in HTML it would be sensible to have the headers and footers be:

<!-- Item Header --> <!-- Item Footer -->

This way it would be possible to view the template itself in a web browser without triggering any syntax violations.

Likewise for RTF files using hidden text:

{\v Item Header} {\v Item Footer}

In the level section of the DBS configuration file it would be best to specify the header and footer complete with trailing CR/LF. This way when the header and footer get "eaten" there will be no extra empty lines in the output file.

For HTML with the appropriate characters quoted and terminated with a CR/LF the final configuration line would be:

<header>&lt;!-- Item Header --&gt;&#13;&#10;</header> <footer>&lt;!-- Item Footer --&gt;&#13;&#10;</footer>