Neo Noogie

Neo Noogie is a recovery image for Nooks. It gives you ADB access (including a rooted shell) and presents your internal flash over USB. You can do a direct binary read or write of the entire flash. For raw backup or restore you can use the sdcard.exe.

Warning: Windows is so ignorant as to want to format anything it doesn't understand. When Neo Noogie boots all the partitions are visible on Windows. Since most of these are not FAT32, Windows will throw up a popup asking if you want to format them. Do not format anything, you will lose your data or brick your Nook.

Download for your model Nook:

Glow2 (BNRV510)nnglow2.img2019-12-255 857 280e6fe1f6b7d4c9ed74b7bed61d497803e
Glow3 (BNRV520)nnglow3.img2019-12-256 043 6482b9464227e9c2176c5324fd068aa4639
Glow4 (BNRV700)nnglow4.img2019-12-256 131 712906b6a91024bd2a7b3c7c08b2437b1b9
Glow21 (BNRV1100)nnglow21.img2023-04-1426 331 1360377d5d37c2b899358cf3c220c6eb746
sdcard.exe2018-05-1274 75215caff0038ada7b1dd733285429128df