QcomView Utility

The QcomView Utility is a Win32 utility for analyzing Qualcomm signed executables. That includes xbl, abl, cmnlib, cmnlib64, Firehose loaders and many lower profile system partitions.

Usage: qcomview <file> /m list models /h verify hashes /hw write hashes /c dump certificates /f get SHA256 fingerprint of root CA /r list restrictions /s search subdirectories /v verbose

The models option will list Qualcomm model names that are found by heuristics.

The hashes option will verify the program hashes. This works with SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 hashes.

The certificates option will dump out the ASN1 of the certificate chains.

The fingerprint option will print the SHA256 of the entire root CA certificate.

The restrictions option will attempt to find Motorola "range restricted" regions.

Download qcomview.exe, the QcomView utility.