Song File Directives

Directives are entries enclosed in curly braces that provide information.

titleSpecifies the title of the song
artistSpecifies the artist most associated with the song
albumSpecifies an album where the song appears
composerSpecifies the actual composer of the song
transcriberSpecifies the creator of the .crd file
yearSpecifies what year the song appeared
createdSpecifies the creation date of the .crd file
modifiedSpecifies the modification date of the .crd file
keySpecifies the key and optionally the capo position
commentUsed (sparingly) for comments
sameIndicates that the chords are the same as previous
differentIndicates that the chords are different than previous
sovMarks the start of a verse block
eovMarks the end of a verse block
verseInserts a copy of the last marked verse
socMarks the start of a chorus block
eocMarks the end of a chorus block
chorusInserts a copy of the last marked chorus
sobMarks the start of a bridge block
eobMarks the end of a bridge block
bridgeInserts a copy of the last marked bridge
modulateTransposes (modulates) up a number of half-steps