Keyboard Shortcuts

Downscroll down one line
Upscroll up one line
PageDownscroll down one page
PageUpscroll up one page
Homescroll to top of song
Endscroll to end of song
Rightscroll view right one window
Leftscroll view left one window
Ctrl+PageDownzoom in
Ctrl+PageUpzoom out
Ctrl+Homeoriginal key
Ctrl+Downtranspose key down
Ctrl+Uptranspose key up
Alt+Rightnext song
Alt+Leftprevious song
Spacescroll continuously while space key is pressed
Tabmoves cursor to next chord in song
Shift+Tabmoves cursor to previous chord in song
Enterdisplays chord diagram for chord at cursor
Alt+Enterdisplays file properties
Escclears chord diagram if displayed
Ctrl+Oopen song file
Ctrl+Sexport song file
F2cycle through various display modes
F5refresh song file and style sheet