WhatIsIt is a simple utility for identifying files against a list of signatures. For a file where we know that the size is correct that is a simple matter. When the object in question is a file that is padded or a disk partition or unpartitioned space on a device it's slightly more complicated. The utility is available for both Win32 and Android.

Download whatisit.exe for Win32

Download whatisit for Android


C:\>whatisit recovery.img Matches Glow3-52.0.77 recovery 5038080 5cbe30ce6a72549e354f371e9ef4ed27 C:\>whatisit u-boot.bin 400 Matches Glow3-52.0.77 u-boot 232048 629379e3d0d62e67e0e35ea94a527e5d

Note that this particular u-boot has 1024 (0x400) bytes of unused IVT at the head.


# whatisit /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 Matches Glow2 Neo Noogie 5857280 e6fe1f6b7d4c9ed74b7bed61d497803e # whatisit /dev/block/mmcblk0 400 Matches Glow2-52.0.78 u-boot 230660 47ad7aca972ade10f77ce74a3a2e78af # whatisit /dev/block/mmcblk0 1100000 Matches Hello logo 1072x1448 776128 0e341b3c2ab60c5e3860bcb2a25ab34d # whatisit /sdcard/ub Matches Glow2-53.0.66 u-boot 232048 f95f1901e807d5f62fba2913f17b8df6

Note that this last does not use an offset as the file happens to be the correct one without IVT.

Currently the list of signatures is internal and includes various images for B&N NST and Glow models. There will be an update for importing lists of signatures.