Symbols are collected into the symbol table. They come from a variety of sources.

DEFdefinesdefined in the DBS configuration file
ENVenvironmentfrom the command shell environment
PREpresetset by DB Subst
SQLSQLreturned from the SQL query
CNTcounterspecified in the DBS configuration file, updated on iterations through the respective levels

Preset Symbols

CurrentDateTimeThe current date and time formatted according to the timestamp format
CurrentDateThe current date formatted according to the date format
CurrentTimeThe current time formatted according to the time format
CurrentYearThe current year as a four digit number
CurrentDirectoryThe current directory
DBSubstBuildThe build date of DB Subst
DBSubstVersionThe version of DB Subst
ComputerNameThe name of the computer
UserNameThe name of the user

Both ComputerName and UserName will normally be supplied by the environment. If they are missing, empty strings will be inserted as preset symbols. This will insure correct execution will occur when these symbols are referenced.